Thursday, April 9, 2009

Real Green Deal

436 billion US dollars and counting. This dollar figure is the global stimulus funding, according to HSBC, which is helping to address climate change.

Globally, nearly sixteen percent of economic stimulus expenditure goes to such green initiatives.

In Australia this figure is just over nine percent, China it's nearly thirty eight percent and in the USA it's close to twelve percent.


  1. China's leaders are investing $12.6 million every hour to green their economy... !! See Al Gore

  2. Tim Flannery on Australia's priorities

    "What should we think of an Australia that pours $42 billion into a brown economic-stimulus package to save a faltering economy, yet stands by with hands in pockets as one species after another slides towards extinction?"

  3. And environmental impact and its effect on China's economy

    Scorched Earth: Will Environmental Risks in China Overwhelm Its Opportunities? in Harvard Business Review.